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Nearly 200 handmade hearts were given away in the centre of town in Kingsbridge for Valentines Day.

From bookmarks, to card, fabric and knitted, to plaited corn hearts and heart shaped biscuits, each symbol of love had its own hand written label attached with the wonderful promise from Romans 8: 38, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God.”

Several people who took part on the street did so for the first time, one older lady saying that she felt moved to step out of her comfort zone and onto the street with Take Heart.

Hearts were also given to all the shopkeepers, one saying what a lovely thing it was to do, and that having eaten her biscuit with her coffee she had a lovely verse to keep. Another person said it was a really good thing to be happening – that people need to hear the message that God loves them. Rev Jackie Taylor, Rector of Kingsbridge, Dodbrooke and West Alvington, said:

“It was a time of real blessing as we gave these gifts away and an incredibly exciting thing to realise that all over Devon, messages of God’s love were going out into the communities – given as a gift. What many couldn’t get over was that we were giving a symbol of love at no cost – it was a gift given with love.”

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