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Take Heart Create goes National

JULY 2018 TRINITY SCHOOL FAYRE EXETER Children painted stones and hearts for their new reflective garden.

ST ALL SAINTS SIDMOUTH DEVON 2017 & 2018 Made and gave away 300 hearts on Valentines weekend. In the rain and encouraging encounters with many.

NOV 2018 CHRIST CHURCH NAILSEA SOMERSET Another great weekend with presentation and workshop. Christ Church went on to give out hearts at their summer fair and made their own 'Take Heart' welcome cards for new homes in their area.

YMCA EXETER QUOTE 'The lad was doing something really new and I could see the pride on his face as he finished.' Tim Wells, Leader

QUOTE FROM 10 YR OLD DAN -MESSY CHURCH EXMOUTH MISSION COMMUNITY 'I loved doing the crafts with my mum and making the heart. I was able to give the heart I made away to someone who really loved it!'.

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